OTR Services


We commit to provide the highest quality products, to exceed our customer’s expectations and to be satisfied by customers through our extensive services.

Customer Support

  • Instruction Manual: It contains detailed information regarding Topy OTR products construction, specifications and handling to ensure the safe use of these products. Failure to follow these instructions and safety precautions can be extremely hazardous and result in serious injury or fatal accident for the associates doing tire change, or bystanders.
  • Local engineering services : Engineers are available to visit each mine site.


  • Just in time delivery : Wide range of products and inventories are available for just in time delivery.

Design & Development capabilities

  • Research market needs and trends.
  • In-house material design. (Original profile and chemical composition)
  • Complying with global standards. (Joint activities with ISO, JIS, SAE and etc)
  • Conduct trial and design review. (Analyze, evaluate possible design alternative and decide proposal)

Analysis Technology

  • FEM analysis technology. (Computer Aided Engineering technology to find out stress point)
  • Stress Analysis Technology.
  • Metallurgical Analysis Technology. (Metallurgical analysis is available in-house)