Company Policy

TOPY America, Inc., will supply products to customers with the finest satisfaction, backed up by the concept of coexistence and co-prosperity with customers and society.

Our Mission Statement

We promote safe, clean, and attractive working conditions with efficient productivity.

We encourage the constructive interchange of opinions and ideas within the framework of our company goals.

We adapt to the changing needs of the market and society by retaining a youthful, flexible point of view.

Call Us: 1.502.695.6163

WARNING about Hoax Emails and Hoax Letters (Phishing Scams)

Recently, there have been incidences of customers and businesses receiving hoax emails and hoax letters using the TOPY name and TOPY’s logos. TOPY America is warning customers and other businesses to be aware. If you or your business has received an unsolicited email or letter that purports to be from TOPY Industries, TOPY or TOPY America regarding a potential business partnership, TOPY America asks you to heed caution. Do not complete or submit any “registration forms” or otherwise respond to the inquiry. The hoax emails and/or hoax letters are part of a phishing scam to fraudulently obtain your personal, business or other sensitive information.